Clive Cussler – Atlantis Found

Atlantis Found by Clive Cussler is the 15th book in the author’s series featuring Dirk Pitt.

This novel had a release date of December 6, 1999.

Atlantis Found book description

An Antarctic whaler stumbles across an aged wreck — her frozen crew guarding a priceless treasure.

A team of anthropologists is buried under a mountain by a deliberate explosion.

A ship that should have died fifty-six years ago reappears, and almost sinks a National Underwater and Marine Agency ship.

Dirk Pitt knows that somehow these events are connected. His investigations lead to an ancient mystery with devastating modern consequences, and a diabolical enemy unlike any he has ever known.

Now, he is racing to save not only his life — but the world.

The trap is set.

The clock is ticking.

And only one man stands between the earth and Armageddon…

Clive Cussler Atlantis Found

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