Clive Cussler – Polar Shift

Polar Shift is the 6th story in the series of NUMA Files and was written by Clive Cussler and Paul Kemprecos.

This novel had a publication date of August 30, 2005.

Polar Shift book description

Giant freak waves send an unsinkable cargo ship to the bottom of the Atlantic and a herd of killer whales attack a party of kayakers in the Pacific – random events, or evidence of polar shift?

For Kurt Austin of NUMA these two seemingly unconnected incidents are harbingers of a global phenomenon that will mark the end of civilization!

A secret organization aiming to bring down the world’s elite powers have discovered the means to bring about polar shift – a catastrophic event that will cause earthquakes, lava eruptions, tsunami, electrical disruption and giant whirlpools.

Austin knows that he and NUMA cannot fail this time. The end of the world is coming unless he and the team can track down the conspirators or reverse the effects of the Earth’s most destructive power: polar shift!

Clive Cussler Polar Shift

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