Non-Fiction Books

In addition to all his adventure novels, Clive Cussler has also published several non-fiction books.

On this page we’ve produced a list of all his non-fiction works. The title of each book links to a page for that release where you can find out the following:

  • Details of the co-author (where applicable)
  • The date it was published
  • What the book’s about
  • An image of its front cover
  • A link to it on Amazon where you can purchase a copy and read reviews

We also have a separate page containing a complete list of his books in order by release date.

Clive Cussler Non-Fiction Books

  1. The Sea Hunters
  2. Clive Cussler And Dirk Pitt Revealed
  3. The Sea Hunters II
  4. Built For Adventure
  5. Built To Thrill